Turnkey Residential Construction Poured Concrete Expertise in Northeast Ohio

Welcome to Armada Poured Walls

Armada Poured Walls has more than 20 years of experience providing turnkey residential construction poured concrete services throughout Northeast Ohio, including excavation, foundation and waterproofing services throughout Akron, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Canton, Columbus and surrounding communities.

Armada Poured Walls

We are equipped to handle all types of residential and commercial work and the client, whether it’s a builder or homeowner, is always involved in the process.

Our poured concrete basements, poured walls and foundations are built to your exact specifications using the latest technology, including a Total Robotics Station and in-house CAD engineer. These two resources allow us to eliminate mistakes and ensure accurate plans to produce a free estimate that you can count on.

Call today to find out how our advanced process, experience and technology make us the superior choice for your next project!


How Our Process Works

  • The CAD engineer creates the plan.
  • The plan is put in a CAD format that is easy for our team to use.
  • We download the corner points of the foundation into the Total Robotics Station, allowing the surveyor to go into the field after the basement is excavated. He plots out the corner points and the footer is built around the points. This is a faster process and ensures accuracy within 1 one thousandths of an inch.
  • After points are plotted, the footer team comes out to pour. We then drain the tile, stone the footer and the basement floor. This protects the drain tile and ensures a clean job site.
  • Our foundation and wall crew comes in next with basement forms. We build the basement using the CAD drawings produced in house and build the basement to the surveyed points from the beginning of the process. Building the wall to those points ensures that it is square and built properly.
  • Walls are poured.
  • We then strip the forms and waterproof the next day with a waterproofing material that comes with either a 10-, 20-, or 30-year warranty (client’s choice).